Olofmeister’s Fall From Grace


Olofmeister. A name that rings prestige and excellence. The name is synonymous with phrases like “champion” or “best in the world”. Or at least it used to. Once the undoubted best in the world, the two-time major champion now finds himself on a fnatic with a whole new roster and lackluster results.


The Swedish shuffle that happened in August resulted in KRiMZ, JW, and flusha being traded to godsent while fnatic received Lekr0 and twist. They also added in wenton, a player that subbed in for fnatic when olofmeister was out. Twist is a CS veteran that brings a more firepower to the line-up. Lekr0 is still an unproven potential talent; a gamble hoping he becomes something more.

Ever since this change, both teams have yet to have any promising results.

Once a King

Olofmeister’s reign of terror ended after Iem Katowice 2016. He showed one last tournament of dominance before disappearing at the major in Columbus. His time as the best was long and convincing. Olofmeister showed that he was a consistent superstar that would be the best on any server he was in. But how was it all possible?

Olofmeister had some of the best players in the world on his team. With such a skilled lineup, he had a system to fall back on. Even if he died in the process of killing someone, he knew that his team would use the advantage and win the round. He trusted his team and they trusted him.

Olofmeister’s style of played required extreme skill and confidence. However, Olofmeister would be the one to make impact plays because his team allowed him to. They gave him the green light to do whatever he wanted. This allowed for some of the most explosive plays we’ve seen in CS:GO.

Will He Return?

Why can’t Olofmeister perform to the level he was once at?

No one can know the inner workings of the team, but there are some clear problems on fnatic that might be affecting Olofmeister’s play.

First off, there is no leadership on fnatic. There is currently no one willing to dedicate time and work with jumpy lead the team. The obvious answer would be to give wenton that role, as it would not make sense to make one of the stars do it. Another obvious problem is confidence. Olofmeister needs to decide his role. If he wants to play with his previous style, the team needs to be built around him and he must trust his teammates to follow up on his impact frags. If not, twist and dennis will take the roles as the stars of the team and Olofmeister will have to adjust to them.

Fnatic along with Olofmeister lacks an identity. Until that is figured out, we may never see the king take back his crown.




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